Why Zero Means Zero

When it comes to the next generation of buses for Los Angeles Metro only one standard is good enough. Zero emission.

Not “Near Zero” or “Almost Zero” or “Practically Zero.” None of those are adequate today.

Our climate and our health have no wiggle room left. We’ve used that all up.  There’s no time for interim steps with more fossil fuels that will lock in decades more damage to our air quality caused by public transit.

Now only ZERO EMISSIONS will do because greenhouse gases are over the safe limit and our climate is racing towards 2+ degrees of global warming and headed towards 6 C degrees. Fortunately we have that Zero Emission solution available today – Electric Buses that are ready for the job and already doing it in cities all around the world.

Only ZERO EMISSIONS will do for our impacted Southern California communities where our citizens are already choking on air pollution and suffering the harmful health impacts caused by burning more fossil fuels. They need zero pollution buses and the only buses that meet that need are electric buses.

What they don’t need is the fossil fuel industry, who have been deliberately misleading the public for decades by proclaiming their product “clean,” continuing to push for decades more use of their toxic fuel and taking no responsibility for the consequences.

Zero means Zero not “near zero,” which is is the equivalent of “near cancer free” or “near honest.”

It’s time to phase out the use of greenhouse gas emitting fuels and only accept zero emission fuels.

Zero Emission electric buses means – Zero pollution

Zero Emission electric buses means – Zero oil changes. Zero tune ups. Zero smog checks.

Zero Emission electric buses means – Zero contribution to climate change.

Zero Emission electric buses means – Zero time for our impacted communities to keep getting gassed.

This is the moment when nothing means everything.

Help us get to zero with electric buses.

—- Joe Galliani, Organizer, South Bay Los Angeles 350 Climate Action Group

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